About Us

Von Brennan Kennels Breeds for quality working or show dogs and great family pets. When we first started our breeding program, our goal was to ensure we had the working ability and balanced temperaments, with our ultimate goal being a Rottweiler with correct confirmation and amazing drive.  Multi V rated V1 Damarhoffs Blitz Von Brennan FO, OB1, P1 is a pup that we have had great success with. Her FO title is the equivalent to a SchH BH, her OB1 is the equivalent of  schH 1 Obedience which she also took first place in, and her P1 title is a working title in which her balance of temperament is put to the test. In the P1 (Protection Dog 1) the dog is pushed and challenged to see if they can handle pressure, as well as recover and still maintain their obedience and balanced temperament. Blitz also took first place in this class beating out several German Shepherds. The Judge gave us an amazing compliment stating Blitz was the best Rott he has seen in 15yrs. To learn more about SDA go to http://www.servicedogsofamerica.com/index.html Unfortunately because of our location we do not have a schH club anywhere near us so obtaining a SchH title is proving to be very difficult.  Our selective breeding program ensures that we produce Rottweilers with a good temperament, great Hips/elbows, strong heart and awesome confirmation!  Our Rottweilers are good citizens and well socialized from birth. Our dogs are part of our family and dont sit in a kennel, they live in our house with the family. Each puppy that has been bred by Von Brennan Kennels Is carefully evaluated , it is then decided which puppy will fit best with each potential buyers personality. In doing so we have never had an Incident of bad behavior or aggressiveness. Although our dogs are not aggressive, they have high drive and outstanding stamina. They make remarkable working dogs that you can "turn on" and then "turn off" These dogs can be in your home with your children, greet people at the door with a happy wiggle but can calculate when there is a threat and act appropriately to that threat. We do not breed for profit or just to breed. All of our breeding is done to obtain our next dog, so you know the dogs are going to be healthy and of the best quality.