Avalon's Sweetest Taboo

Fenrir Von Hunnen-Konig

Dexter Von Brennan

Dexter made it to Nationals!!! ....However it did not go well...at all.....I guess it was just not our day. I was hoping to retire Dex on a better note, but, it is what it is. here are some photos from Nationals.

Dexter is the 2016 SDA regional Champion!!!!! Dexter was entered in the PD1 (Police Dog 1) class with several German Shepherds and came out on top! I couldn't be more proud of my boy.  The weather was horrible, heavy down pour, so unfortunately there arent many pictures.

Blitz working

Jesse working

Damarhoffs Coley Von Brennan FO, CGC

Carlin Von Brennan TT, CGC, BN, RN, RA, CD