Puppy Training, Obedience, Protection,Schutzhund,as well as customized training programs to fit the individual needs of your dog or situation. We accept all breeds of dogs..

Obedience Training;
We offer basic obedience training for puppies and adults. During this time your dog will learn Here, Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, and Kennel. Crate training will be included upon request. Basic obedience training takes an average of six weeks. During this time we also work on any specific training request you may have and work to correct any "problem behavior".

Puppy Training;
Puppy training is 6-8 weeks long depending on your puppies learning curve, in this time he will learn sit, down, stay, heel,come and be crate trained if requested. we can also start any specialized training such as, Stacking, Schutzhund, PSA,SDA, and Personal Protection.If your puppy was not purchased from us then i will require a health certificate from your Vet, and must be up to date on all vaccinations and worming. the puppy can be brought over or shipped to us at about 9 weeks, most ship them straight from the breeder they purchased the puppy from. If the puppy was purchased from us he will continue to stay here for an additional 6 weeks or until the training is complete. puppies can also be taught in most languages.

Working Dog Training;
we can train for competition OB, Schutzhund, SDA, and Personal Protection; if the dog has what it takes (drive). Your dog will have to be evaluated before we can accept him/her in for any protection work and must be healthy. 

The cost for training varies, for basic OB and puppy classes it is $800 per month of training, if you would like protection or any bite work it will be an extra $40 per week for the cost of the Decoy.

For more information on training give us a call at 831-235-6659

Cyrus Von Brennan 10 mo 1 wk training